From Fox News – Eric Holder goes on MAGA attack: ‘Exactly when did you think America was great?’

Eric Holder goes on MAGA attack: ‘Exactly when did you think America was great?’

If this guy is not the epitome of an anti-American, Sluggo never dated Nancy.

It is a disgrace that he has availed himself of all of the freedoms and opportunities the United States had to offer, but yet can come up with an asinine statement as he has. Every time Holder opens his mouth, his true colors come out

If we remember correctly: the first comment out of Eric holder’s mouth when he accepted the job is attorney general; he stated that Americans were nothing but a bunch of cowards. What a guy!!

People like him are just parasites that gorged themself at the buffet of life, but then declare they never had enough to eat.

It is really difficult to find words to describe this despicable person.

It was my suspicions way back when that Obama was planted/placed into the office of the President of the United States to try and revolutionize or take over the government and turn it into a socialist state. In the process he hired as many people as he could that had the same mindset, Eric Holder being one of his top lieutenants. That movement still is alive and well today and it’s being spearheaded by Obama who is trying to keep a low profile.

What more can be said about to say ungrateful anti-American.

I say keep your eye on the hogs and your finger on the trigger. They will not rest until they bring the USA to its knees. This entire clan is comprised of some very dangerous people.

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