Humbling may be the wrong choice of words …

Boeing ‘humbled and learning’ after Ethiopian Airlines crash, CEO Muilenburg says

Boeing CEOOpens a New Window. Dennis Muilenburg on Tuesday said the aviation companyOpens a New Window. is “humbled and learning” in the wake of a fatal Ethiopian Airlines crash that led nations around the world to ground its 737 Max plane.

“With a shared value of safety, be assured that we are bringing all of the resources of The Boeing Company to bear, working together tirelessly to understand what happened and do everything possible to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” Muilenburg said in an open letter posted on Boeing’s website. “All of us thank Ethiopian Airlines for their commitment and share their resolve to doing everything possible to build an even safer air travel system.”

An Ethiopian Airlines-operated Boeing 737 Max aircraft crashed earlier this month, killing all 157 of its passengers, in an incident that bore similarities to a recent fatal Lion Air crash involving a 737 Max aircraft. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and authorities in several other countries have grounded all Boeing 737 Max planes amid inquiries related to the accidents

Although the tragic accident may not have been the direct responsibility of Boeing’s CEO; the old cliche is in order; the buck stops there.

The only thing that would exonerate Boeing would be pilot error. That determination has not been establishes as of yet. The similarities between the two crashes are too coincidental to be a fluke.

It is hard to wrap ones head around the terror the passengers experienced when their plane was going down. I think a more appropriate word for the CEO to use would have been TRAGIC!!

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