Kicking ass and taking names …..

The end for Obamacare? Trump administration says it will ask a court to throw out entire health law

Now PDT has some power in the Supreme Courts on his side, and has that anchor of an investigation lift off his back, it is going to be an entirely ball-game. .

Is it unconscionable that PDT predecessor (TMC) sold the entire country down the river just so he could get his name in the history books as BEING THE FIRST ONE. Talk about an ego; TMC makes Trump look like THE APPRENTICE.

This vindication of PDT has given the Maverick President some fresh wind in his sails. There for awhile, I detected a little down-turn in his fiery personality. Justifiably so; how many people on the planet could withstand the pounding he has and still function??

I must admit, I didn’t know how much more THE MAN could take. No one can ever accuse PDT of having a GLASS JAW. He has taken shots from the best in the business, came back swinging, telling them all to


Not only is he a GET-EVEN guy (ask Avanetti); either because of his enormous ego (can be a plus and can be a minus) or his commitment to the American people, his will continue to push forward with his campaign promises. The TMC/UN-AFFORDABLE, AKA Obamacare will be on the top of his hit list.

The idiotic persistence of far-lefters to pushing forward with their own investigation is absolutely ludicrous. They will not come up with anything different then Mueller did; with the exception of the FAKE NEWS. A move like that will only advance PDT’s position and make him stronger. The fools are cutting off their nose to spite their face.


Hang on to your hats and bonnets folks, it is PDT’s time to settle the scores.

Just in: Attempt to override Trump veto on national emergency resolution fails in House

Victory # 2 in two days

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