The wrath of Mother Nature ….

US detects meteor explosion 10 times the energy as atomic bomb:

I have aid it many times before. We are only here because Mother Nature wants us to be.

Lindley Johnson, a planetary defense officer for NASA, told the BBC on Sunday that an historic asteroid exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere in December that had 10 times the energy than the Hiroshima atomic bomb. A meteor that size swings by two or three times every 100 years.

The day will come when SHE will be sick and tired of our nonsense and put our lights out for the count. Then and only then will the SPECIAL PEOPLE, the one that think the can walk on water and gargle peanut butter, realize they are no better than the rest of us. Maybe.

It is very curious; with all of the SKY WATCHERS there are around stationed around the world watching the heavens, the people that are supposed to give us a heads-up, no one ever saw this one coming. So much or advanced warning; BUTT where the hell would anyone run or try to take cover anyway??? When THE BIG ones hits and it will, it is curtains for all of man kind.

Who really amuse me are the survivalists that spend big bucks on trying to beat the odds in a shelter. Lets say they last another 6 month. What do they do when they eventually crawl out of their safety spot; only to find out all the air and everything else on the planet is contaminated and they are history anyway.

Sorry to tell you folks, the only thing that will survive as it has for millions of years it the


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