Take a look who was behind it ….

Gregg Jarrett: Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ was always a hoax — and dirtiest political trick in modern US history

Take a look who was behind it and you will have the answer.


The Clinton Machine – the dirtiest – most corrupt – the ones with the most soiled skivvies in politics and their ship mates were the ones that were pushing the issue to falsely get PDT shit-canned.

What is their answer to the 2 year investigation; they do not believe the findings of the 2 year witch hunt and are going to initiate their own investigation. May I AXE, who in the %$#@ is going to pay that tab??? If it were to come out of their pocket, it will never get off the drawing board.


These fools are so obsessed with hanging Trump, they can not accept the finding of the investigation that they figured they had in the bag. A good part of their devious strategy was to deflect their election improprieties away from them by trying to put an ice-pick between PDT’s shoulder blades.

It backfired on the fools on the ship. Take it on the chin or up the old wazzoo BOYS AND GIRLS and march on. Anyone as despicable as The Fools should have no place in politics. Go back to being the prostitutes pimp!!! We know who came 1st.

What is the oldest occupation?? Naturally, THE PIMP

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