Pathetic ……


The Mueller report should be rejected and not believed – it’s fatally flawed

All, the while THE INVESTIGATION was moving forward, the Boulder Rollers were doing the Irish Gig, prematurely celebrating a victory as they did in CHC election. Same results; they got their ass stomped.

Now that the legitimate investigation is over, and there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute PDT, they all have their crying towels out claim foul and are going to start their own investigation. These fools should be thrown out of office, without opening the window.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally presented his report to Attorney General William Barr, after spending almost two years and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on the effort. But whatever the report reveals, it is the product of a process and a special counsel team that were both fatally flawed from the beginning.

GMAFB – grow up – take the ass whipping like a guy or a broad and march on. You Boulder Rolling fools are PATHETIC!!!

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COMMON-SENSE is the name of the game Addressing topics other bloggers shy away from. All posts are original. Objective: impartial commentary on news stories, current events, nationally and internationally news told as they should be; SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. No topics are off limits. No party affiliations, no favorites, just a patriotic American trying to make a difference. God Bless America and Semper Fi!
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  1. JCscuba says:

    Thanks, nice read and on the nails. J.C.

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