Babs had to do a hasty retreat ….

Fox News

Shooting from the hip when she was AXE about Jackson’s proclivity of being a pedophile, the bleeding heart Babs Streisand replied; his sexual needs were his sexual needs.

GMAFB Babs; what the hell do you have in between those crossed eye of yours??


Yesterday because of the unpopular reactions; Streisand made a statement that she does not believe there’s ever a “situation” in which children should be taken advantage of.

GMAFB FUNNY GIRL. The only reason she backtracked is because her ridiculous comments came back to bite her on her; Don’t rain on my parade.

Looking objectively at her response; she did not put the hammer to the SISSY BOY. Again, she took the safe way out.

I wonder if she would have felt it was safe to leave her kid when he was 8 years old with MJ for a week unsupervised?? I hate to hear the answer.

What the hell drives the people like Babs to their blind loyalty is way beyond me.

Not always, but the 1st response a person give when they are caught off guard is the what they really feel.

I will never get over the blind stupidity of some fools in society that will go to the wall for celebs regardless of what they do. Nothing but a bunch of blind sheep going over THE CLIFF OF IGNORANCE. Their ridiculousness is off the charts. Does Orenthal and a few others ring a bell??


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