The door was open – PDT did not go in ….


Trump makes no mention of Mueller report in GOP dinner remarks

Hours after Robert Mueller submitted his report on Friday evening, President Trump briefly spoke at a Republican Party dinner in Florida — but made no mention of it. Mr. Trump and Melania Trump introduced Sen. Lindsey Graham, the keynote speaker at the Palm Beach County Republican Dinner at Mar-a-Lago. 

This was possibly the 1st time in his life The Donald should have opened up to get a little satisfaction, but held back deliberately.

Is is possible PDT has seen the value of; the less said the better?? I doubt it. He is just displaying his unpredictability.

The fact that the Mueller report fell flat on its face had to be very gratifying for Trump. For him to remain silent, considering it was a huge victory for him, is totally out of character.

I will guarantee one thing; somewhere down the road and very soon, he will not be able to contain his jubilance and come out firing. This outcome is huge for him.


Let us hope that the country can get on to more important business, BUTT I doubt it.

Isn’t spring break coming up for the under-worked , over-paid politicians. They need a vacation. I has to be exhausting being an idiot.

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    Dems and MSM now in a fully blown state of depression.

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