If the USA politicians had any backbone …

‘We just want the guns back’: New Zealand announces immediate ban of assault rifles

This is exactly what the USA should be doing. ONLY the military and the cops should have access to assault rifles. All other should be turned in (bought back if necessary) in an attempt to get the gun violence in this country under control.

It took New Zealand less than a week to make their move after the tragic mass slaughter of 50 people by some extremest nut-case with an assault rifle. While the politicians in the USA do not have the balls to pass a law such as that. Their main objectives, being popular, not rocking the boat and feather their nest while in office. That is one of the reason they detest PDT. He definitely a boat rocker.

The down-side of a similar law, the criminal would still have their weapons and give them a very big advantage against the law abiding citizen that owns one for their protection. Sad to say, they are probably necessary.

I would suggest; for the most part, law enforcement knows how owns the assault rifles and where the criminals are holding up. Give them ample notice; about 1 month to turn the weapons in. After the grace-period, they should have the military go in and relieve them of their weapons by any means necessary.

Folks; it has to start somewhere. This cycle of mass murders is not going to stop any time soon, only get worse. There is no way that some crack-pot in the USA or another location is going to let a maniac in New Zealand hold THE RECORD. They are all looking to get in the history books for the most kills.

There is no one that owns an assault weapon specifically for deer hunting. The time has long passed where people who own assault weapons are relieved of them voluntarily; if not, forcefully relieved. Gotta start with the criminals.

I would not hold your breath for the USA’s politicians to make a move. They are too busy trying to make their vacation plans for their up and coming break.

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