Great observation Ted …..

Fox News

Ted Koppel says ‘the Establishment press is out to get’ Trump

Finally, we have a widely respected veteran journalist that is man enough to say that PDT has some basis for his disdain of the establishment press .

Ted Koppel was a globe-trotting ABC News correspondent for decades and a master interviewer as the anchor of “Nightline.” I appeared on that program numerous times and know Koppel well.

Koppel, now a senior contributor to CBS’s “Sunday Morning,” has left the impression from previous comments that he’s not a Trump fan. And yet he felt compelled to declare that the president is right that “the establishment press is out to get him.”

Great observation by Ted. I wonder how long it took Ted to figure that one out.

Even though Ted is NOT A FAN of Trump; I do give him credit for admitting that the establishment press is out to get him. That one could not even have gotten by Ray – Stevie and Helen.

Personally, I still say the majority of the harassment directed at PDT is related to CHC getting stomped. There is a smaller percentage that Trump brings on himself. But any self-respecting person would have to be a complete idiot to totally ignore that barrages of insult thrown at him. Does he retaliate in an unorthodox manner?? Absolutely yes, but that is his style.

I would like to applaud Ted fr his astute observation. Some day he will make a great reporter.

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