Judas around every corner ..

Fox News

National Enquirer paid brother of Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend $200,000 for text messages: WSJ

The National Enquirer paid the brother of Jeff Bezos’ mistress $200,000 for the private text messages between the two lovers that were published in January, according to a Wall Street Journal report Monday night.


Michael Sanchez, the brother of Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, reportedly provided the intimate communications to American Media LLC, this after months of speculation as to how the tabloid obtained messages revealing lurid details about the Amazon CEO’s alleged love affair.

Like the biblical Judas, Sanchez sold his soul for a mere bag of silver.

On the other side of the penis; one has to wonder what Jeffery has between his ears that he would take selfies of the LITTLE GUY to send to his broad??? Jeffery is only worth 144 billion (at this second) and should know there are droves of people out there wanting to take him down or get a PIECE of him.

Then we have Sanchez (JUDAS) that probably could have named his price if he approached Jeffery with a shake-don proposition, but Judas did have the balls to do it. As a matter of fact, he initially denied he had the texts showing the LITTLE GUY smiling.


The question still remains; how did Sanchez get the texts? His sister (Jeffery’s broad) must have sent the text to him. In that case, possibly Judas and his sister may have been in cahoots.

Lauren may have cooked her own goose with Jeffery. You now, the trust thing!!

Strange world we live in.

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