Only 500 billion ????

CBS News

Irate mom sues parents accused in college admissions scam for $500 Billion

There are some very pissed off parents whose kids were denied admission to the cheat-colleges, where at the same time, many upper-crust fools paid big bribe bucks to get their pampered brats enrolled.

A pissed off mother is suing the one of the crooked colleges for 500 billion dollar$, because her 4.2 point average son was denied admission; at the same time, some of the pamper brats slid under the fence.

That is an impossible number for a settlement, but I do hope they come away with a few million.

The very funny part of this sad tale of underhanded upper-crust society; William Singer, the maggot that initiated the scheme, dropped a half a dollar on all the fools that INVESTED in his bribery scam, so he could save his own greasy ass and get a better deal with the law. NOTHING WORSE THAN A FINK, especially when they were involved.


I said it before, but it is worth repeating. Not only are these stinking rich fools buying their kids way through life, never insisting they eat a little liver, only Kobi steak, but it is an insult to the pampered brats that they are not intelligent enough to get into the colleges through their own volition.

One of the fools paid 500 thousand dollar$ to get her two princesses on the colleges rowing team. 500 thousand dollar$ to get the brats on a rowing team. GMAFB – Does this screw-ball know what the average person could do with 500 grand???

Gotta wonder what the ticket items price is to get on the equestrian team, 4 million??

Lori Loughlin pays a million dollar bail in scams at US universities ……/lori-loughlin-pays-a-million-dollar-bail-in-scams-at-us-unive…

2 days ago – Loughlin and her husband are accused of paying $ 500,000 to ensure that their two daughters are on the rowing team at the … According to the investigators, the parents paid large sums to an organization founded by a college consultant. … and four people who have threaded the bribery and manipulation.

Is there anyone clean anymore??? All of the people in prestigious positions that were held in high esteem/high regard years back, all seem to have been gobbled up in some sort of dirty deal.



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