This entire world has gone absolutely nuts ….

Fox News

49 killed and more than 20 seriously injured in New Zealand mass shooting targeting mosques

Whatever happened to live and let live – what ever happened to respecting other peoples beliefs??

Should I really care what another person’s religious beliefs are?? Hell no. IFFFFF there is a god, (we sometime wonder with all of the tragedies that exist these days) there can only be one.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison earlier confirmed that one of the detainees was the unidentified male Australian citizen. He described the suspect as “an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist.”

The suspects were apprehended by local police following Friday’s attack, Bush said. No motive for the attack has been determined. Investigators haven’t ruled out that more gunmen could be involved but were not actively searching for anyone, he said.

Ladies and Gent – Boys and Girls; normally I am a very optimistic person, whose glass is 9/10 full, BUTT what with all of the social unrest, death and destruction we see in the world today, it sure can test a person faith in mankind. At this point I have very little.

As optimistic as I am, I am also very realistic. Based on what I see, I do not see anything that gives us much hope of turning the insanity around that has wormed its way into just about ever facet of society. It is one incident after another and gets worse by the day.

These psychotic, out of control terrorists are going to go home with all the marbles. How the hell can they be stopped??

Putting the terrorists thing together, with the Russia, China, Iran, North Korea dilemma, drugs, pornography, crooked politicians/governments, pedophiles in religion, gang violence, plus plus plus, How can anyone see a bright future through all of that?? My ONLY forecast for mankind is; WE ARE GOING TO SELF-DESTRUCT. Not this week, not this month, BUTT eventually, if we stay on our present course, mankind will, someway somehow will destroy itself.

If you do not believe it; you are in denial or do not read the news. This is a great gift we are passing down to our next generations.

The VERY sad part of the calamities we find ourselves in, we DO have the power to control it and change them, BUTT ignorance and insanity is getting in our way.

Pay me now or pay me much – much more later.

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