Give the enough vino and straight razors …

Mob power-struggle could be brewing, will be ‘all-out war’: reports

Concerns of an “all-out war” within the mob are brewing after the apparent hit on reputed Gambino crime family boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali outside his New York City home Wednesday night due to the timing of the late “Teflon Don” John Gotti’s brother’s release from prison about six months ago, reports said Thursday.


Since 73-year-old Gene Gotti’s release in September, after a 29-year sentence for dealing heroin, law enforcement sources have been concerned about the possibility of a bloody power struggle within the family, reports have said.

I said it many times before; give them enough vino, straight razors, fence them in and in a month, all that will be left is dust.

I have ALWAYS tried to understand why the authorities spend the precious time and money they do investigating the killing of criminals/gang members. It is a total waste of taxpayers hard earned $oldi. By these fools wacking each-other, they are doing society a favor. SOOOO, why investigate??

I did a post the other day titled; Live by the cannoli- die by the cannoli. These people chose the life they want to live, so let them pay the ultimate price and go out in a blaze of , what they think is glory.


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