Live by he cannoli – die by the cannoli

Fox News

Frank Cali, reputed Gambino crime family boss, fatally shot outside Staten Island home


Wanna be a WISEGUY – wanna be a BIG SHOT – wanna be a HEAVY HITTER – WANNA BE A WANNA BE; you got it; BUTT gotta take what comes with the territory.

I have no problem with prostitution (said to be the oldest occupation in the world, I say a politician was her pimp, so he came first) – loan sharking – even MURDER INC ( there are some fools that do not deserve to walk the face of this earth); BUTT when it comes to selling drugs and child porno, that is where I draw the line. Anyone that falls into that category deserves whatever they get.

Many of these WISEGUYS are put on pedestal by some very ignorant people. Do these fools ever stop and realize how many people the WISEGUYS killed, directly or indirectly through their business dealings??

Going way back where most of the rackets began in the Italian communities; these bums gave all of the Italians a bad reputation. Italian people were looked down on worse than dogs because of the gangsters.

SOOOOOOOOOO; should anyone feel sorry for ONE OF THEM when the big Cannoli drops on them?? Not as far as I am concerned. Live by the cannoli – die by the cannoli. You make your bed, you have to sleep in it!!

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