Does anyone ever plead guilty???

Jussie Smollett pleads not guilty over alleged hate crime hoax

What a joke. I don’t care if they have their DNA – if they are caught on video – if there are 200 witnesses, they all plead not guilty. GMAFB

Visualization: Vice squad raids a Cat House and catches an owner of a NFL team on top of a hooker, pumping his brains out and arrests they guy.

The next day, in court.

JUDGE: Mr. Craft; what is your plea to soliciting prostitution?

MR. CRAFT: Not guilty your honor!!

JUDGE: What do you mean not guilty, the vice squad caught you on top of that hooker pumping your brains out??

MR. CRAFT: I know that your honor, I was just taking the girls temperature!! She was feeling slightly ill. You know; it was the right thing to do.


Does anyone ever plead guilty, even when caught red handed or some other red appendage??

I guess if they plead guilty, half of the ambulance chaser in this country would be out of a job.

Actor Jussie Smollett leaves the Leighton Criminal Court Building after attending a hearing on whether cameras will be allowed in future proceedings of his trial on felony charges, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., March 12, 2019. REUTERS/Kamil Krzaczynski

This Dude is guilty as sin and still plead not guilty. Donnie King would say; only in America!!

I say; GMAFB

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