What happened to St. Obama??????

Lisa Page admitted Obama DOJ ordered stand-down on Clinton email prosecution: GOP rep

What happened to St. Obama?????? Has his halo suddenly been tarnished??


To this very day there are still millions of fools that revere TMC as a saint. GMAFB

I have to give THE DEVIL their due. He is slick!!!

The man got away with what he did because no one wanted to be tagged as a racist if they attempted to expose him or criticize what he did. Some of the shot he pulled make PDT look like a piss poor APPRENTICE.


IFFFFFFFFFFFFF PDT would have deliberately done what TMC did while he was in office, he would have been tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.

Who really cares if The Donald had some side trim before he was president, except the Misses?? Who really cares if TD tried to get dirt on CHC through the Russians. Isn’t that what all the candidates do when running for office?? Didn’t one of the biggest new papers in the country put up 20 million trying to dig up dirt on Trump during his campaign??

I can go on for hours comparing what TMC did to what Trump allegedly did. TMC got away with it because of his race and Trump is being taken to the chopping block because, he is not ONE OF THE BOYS and he took away THEIR, thunder, power and control. Simple as that folks.

Will TMC every be investigated fully and held accountable for his misdeeds?? Are you shitting me!! If they are going to play the blame game, they should do it impartially. BUTT what is impartial about a politician besides that plate in the mouth.

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