Rahm is not such a foolish after all …

Rahm Emanuel says Democrats’ hard left turn could reelect Trump

TMC’s old sidekick/ex-mayor of The Windy City finally said something that made sense.

QUOTE: The Democrats are in a leftward lurch that could ruin their chances of retaking the White House.

I have been saying this all along. The more noise and disruption The Ship of Fools and NOW the extreme left socialists have going on, the better off it is for Trump. The more in-fighting they have, the more their votes are split, they are opening the door wide for PDT to sit again IN THE BIG CHAIR.


Take a good look at all of the disruption going on in the democratic/socialist party. They have been cursed with having the nut-case Ossacio – the fanatical Omar – Bernie Baby that doesn’t know what planet he is on – CHC that is then isn’t, then is, then isn’t – Joking Joe Biden who is a real joke – Pocahontas that is part Indian and isn’t and a slew of other fools trying to cut each-others throats for the top job. At last count, their were more than 400 fools running for The Big Chair.


Like the example of gang control I use occasional. To get rid of them; supply them all the cheap wine and rusty straight razors they want; secure them inside a fenced area and in 2 months there will not be a fool standing.

Same O – Same O with the socio-democrats. Give them all the rope they want and eventually they will hang themselves.

They are SUPPOSED to be highly intelligent people. SUPPOSED is the key word. It is all about their egos. Collectively, they are not smart enough to know, together they stand, divided they will fall!!

Keep that vino and razor blades freight-train coming in folks, every man and women for themselves. The last fool standing get to go on a date with Wild Bill; male or female.

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