Frankensteiness …..

Omar’s comments threaten to divide district’s Somali, Jewish residents: reports


They elected, supported and HATCHED this Frankensteiness, now they have to live with IT.

Nancy Pelosi’s disgusting excuses for Ilhan Omar have thrown Jews ……/nancy-pelosis-disgusting-excuses-for-ilhan-o…

Nan Pelosi, who last month demanded an apology from Omar over previous … doesn’t mention Omar and in fact addresses other forms of hate.

This wack-job is/wants to be the Joan of Arch for the venomous side of the socialist party; she wants to be the martyr for the cause. She will not be silenced until something drastic happens to her.

If left to her own devices, if successful (doubtful) she will be one of the top dogs in what I call the political Ponzi Scheme that reaps big profits for the people running the scheme, while all of the lower echelon fools that followed them blindly will eventually be eating out of garbage cans.


For those who are not familiar with socialism; in a nut shell: the government owns and controls everything. It is the direct opposite if capitalism, what made the USA so successful.

For the fools that espouse to socialism, they are content with laying back and collecting welfare checks from the government for the rest of their lives, not knowing and not caring that this type of political system is an eventual economical suicide.

One of the elements socialism, that is heavily supported by TMC is Universal Income. Universal Income guarantees a monthly paycheck to EVERY ONE in the country (government financed), BUTT does NOT require anyone to work for their pay. To this day, none of them have figured out how to finance their monstrosity.

I try to comprehend what these people have in between their ears and have not come up with a plausible answer. The only logical conclusion is; they want complete control over everyone in the country and turn them into mesmerized, government dependent zombies.

Obama: Consider a universal basic income – The Week

Jul 17, 2018 – In his first major speech since leaving office, former President Barack Obama endorsed the idea of providing a universal basic income.

Best example of socialism: Bear in mind, Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and STILL has fallen apart economically because of socialism and corruption.

Opinion | Yes, Venezuela Is a Socialist Catastrophe – The New York ……/venezuela-maduro-socialism-government.htmlJan 25, 2019 – Conspicuous by its absence in much of the mainstream news coverage of Venezuela’spolitical crisis is the word “socialism.” Yes, every …

This is the direction Frankensteiness, TMC, Ossacio and their kind are pushing the USA into. It is absolute madness.

Only a certified fool REFUSES to see the end results of socialism like in Venezuela and would chose to move toward that eventual catastrophe.

Now; add hate, advocating violence and lack of respect to Frankensteiness’s mission; they are a sure recipe for disaster.

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