Holders answer to stacking the deck …

Fox News

Channeling FDR, Eric Holder says Dems should consider packing Supreme Court to counter GOP ‘power grab’

It is all about control and power. Holder, one of the most venomous people in politics has an answer to the conservatives controlling the highest court in the land, by add a few more seats. I can’t decide if that brain-storm is brilliant or ignorance on his part. Those sour apples are a bitch trying to digest.

Holder quote: “When Democrats retake the majority they should consider expanding the Supreme Court to restore adherence to previously accepted norms for judicial nominations.”

I see in his statement, I noticed he did not say we when he made reference to the democrats. Is it possible Holder is or has been in the socialist camp all this while?? It seems that many of the people he has been associating/rubs elbows with went in that direction.

PDT may have been beaten up by the opposition in a lot of different areas since he held his hand on the bible, but one battle he won that is most significant, controlling The Supreme Court and the other side does not like it.


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