The Few – The Proud – The Marines

It should be mandatory for everyone in this country to watch this video, so they can appreciate the sacrifice SOME make to keep them safe.

While too many are bitching and complaining about the USA, we have heroes out there protecting their worthless ass. Support your country or get out.

This brave Jar Head is not the only person in the history of the military to put his fellow soldiers live before his, BUTT he is one of the very few.

Birth nameWilliam Kyle Carpenter
Born19 October 1989 (age 29)
JacksonMississippi, U.S.
Allegiance United States of America
Service/branch United States Marine Corps
Years of service2009–2013
Rank Corporal
UnitFox Company 
2nd Battalion, 9th Marines
Regimental Combat Team-1
Battles/warsGlobal War on TerrorismOperation Enduring FreedomWar in Afghanistan  (WIA)
Awards Medal of Honor
 Purple Heart
 Navy Achievement Medal
 Combat Action Ribbon

It really frosts my balls to see the PC-er, the extreme left-wingers, anti-American sons-a-bitches, bitching and complaining about the USA when they have it so good. As bad as this country may look to them on occasion, they do not have a clue how well of they are.

Now were are being plagued with a new group of radicals, the socialist movement. They should live in a real socialist country and see how they like it.

Remember; the only ones that benefit from socialism are the one on top that created the Ponzi Scheme.

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