The guy is a glutton for life …

Johnny Depp sues Amber Heard for defamation seeking $50 million


From what I read, Depp’s ex-squeeze was getting it on with the Tesla Electric car guy, Elon Musk.

I guess that would be plenty to set a fire under Johnny’s ass. BUTT, cheating and divorce is an every second occurrence in La La land where the average marriage last 2 weeks or less.


Carmen Electra and Denis Rodman have the dubious honor of having record for the shortest marriage. It lasted less time then it does to bake a batch of Pillsbury cookies.

What I am sounding off this AM is the fact that it cost Depp 2 million dollar$ a month just to keep up with his extravagance. Most folks don’t make that in their entire life. Talk about excessive!! GMAFB Johnny

No wonder he is suing his ex-old lady for 50 million, so he can keep the party going. BUTTTTT, based on the lifestyle of this glutton for life, the 50 million would only last the dude a little over 2 years. GMAAFB

The toxic divorce back-and-forth between Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard continues with the latest legal front shifting to Depp’s reported lawsuit against his ex, seeking $50 million for allegedly defaming him with “hoax” allegations of domestic abuse.

HEADLINES: Inside Johnny Depp’s ‘extravagant and extreme’ lifestyle that costs him $2 million a month

Johnny Depp’s former business managers have alleged that the actor is living an extravagant $2 million-a-month lifestyle, complete with 14 houses, 70 guitars, and an enormous appetite for wine.

According to TMG, Depp has spent $75 million to ‘acquire, improve, and furnish 14 residences’ around the world.

How many places does the Pirate of the Caribbean need to hang his sword??

According to TMG, Depp has spent $75 million to 'acquire, improve, and furnish 14 residences' around the world.

This includes a 45-acre chateau in the south of France, valued at $13.5 million, a chain of islands in the Bahamas, a number of houses in Hollywood, and penthouse lofts in downtown Los Angeles. He also has a horse farm in Kentucky. Each house has a full staff.

Giving credit where due: (I even gave Obama credit on occasion) on the other side of the coin, by all indications, Depp is a very generous guy, donating to many charities.

Charities & foundations helped being supported by Depp:

Aside from his benevolence, I still think the guy is over the top with his lifestyles. Possibly he, like many other wacko celebs is on a death wish.

The fact that he spend 30,000.00$ a month on vino is unheard of. He is one thirsty fella.

With 30,000.00$ a month, MD/ 20-20 cost under a fin (5$) a bottle, Depp could buy 6,000 bottles of the nectar and keep half of the bums in LA stones for a month.

Getting back to the break-up; there is nothing worse then all your neighbors and friends laughing at you and you have no idea what is so amusing.

The old Italian belief of the Malocchio & The Horns seen above means; your old lady is screwing everyone in the neighborhood and you are the only one that doesn’t know.

When they think they have it all; they have nothing, BUTT The Malocchio!!

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