Mom flaunts bikini body after 137-pound weight loss


I wouldn’t have ever known she was the same person. She lost half of her body.

Alexandra Symons,  revealed her incredible body transformation after losing 137 pounds — so she could wear a bikini with confidence.

At one time she topped the scales at 287 pounds and was determined to get back into her bikini someday.

Alexandra is living proof, if a person is healthy, has a sound mind and the determination, they can do anything they set their minds to.

Most people love to bitch and complain about their pathetic circumstances, whether it is being over-weight, smoking, drinking, a dope taking dope and a multitude of other bad habits, that if not curtailed, will someday kill them or make them very ill.

I think it is laughable when people say; it can’t be done, whatever their bad habit may be. It can’t be done because they either don’t want to put in the effort to make the correction, or they are weaklings. All it takes is, acknowledgment/recognition of the hang-up/bad habit, an absolute desire to kick the habit, will-power and determination to make the change. Without those elements in place, it is a lost cause.

I don’t care what method of self-improvement some people chose to make, hypnosis, patched, confinement or cold-turkey; if a person sincerely does not want to make the change, none of the aid-methods will work.

Much of the success naturally depends on the persons personality and character. Some have a lot easier time of achieving what they set out to do, others don’t. So, ruling out the aids I mentioned are not out of the question to use, BUTT they MUST be in addition to the, acknowledge the hang-up/bad habit, an absolute desire to kick the habit, will-power and determination to make the change.

I say to people like Alexandra; my hat is off to you. Keep up the good work and don’t fall off the wagon. If you do fall down, get up, brush yourself off and get back n the wagon. The first attempt at making a change, for the most part never works. Don’t allow set-backs to undermine your goal.


Who are we DOING IT for?? Naturally, 1st and foremost for ourselves and in the interim, we are setting good examples for those around us, especially the younger ones. IT CAN BE DONE, with the proper acknowledge the hang-up/bad habit, an absolute desire to kick the habit, will-power and determination to make the change.

You can take it from one that knows, the sins we commit when we are younger, are the sins we pay for when we get older.

If and when a person develops that kind of determination to have control over their lives, it spills over to EVERYTHING they do. Generally, people with those strong characteristics will be very successful no matter what they attempt to do.

As many of the readers of The Goomba Gazette know, I love old cliche’s. Many of the ones I used, I coined myself. This is one of them. I told my son years ago; if I went back to the same bars I used to hang around 30 years ago, I would see the same guys on the same bar stool telling the same bull-shit story.

Some people never change, all they do is like to bitch and complain while they have a cancer stick hanging out of their mouth, with a glass of Jack Daniels in their hand.

God hates a COWARD. Let me tell you about people that are in a hole all of their lives. Misery loves company and they love waddling in their own self-pity. For-get-a-bout-it, be the leader not the follower.

I love being a leader (said with pride and not conceit).I don’t have to march behind someone looking at their ass all my life. You can do the same. All it takes is; acknowledge the hang-up/bad habit, an absolute desire to kick the habit, will-power and determination to make the change.

If you do have a bad habit to kick, tackle it head on as I have spelled out. When you have succeeded, you will love yourself for it, have set a great example for others and possibly like Alexandra, you just may want to get that old bikini or speed-o out of moth balls!!

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