As imbecilic as they come …

Every-time the one of the crew members on The Ship of Fools opens their FLY TRAP, they make a bigger fool out of themselves then the time before.

When was the 1st time or the last time one of THEIR OWN made an attempt to strike up a deal with the North Korean Mad Man, his Daddy or Grand-daddy??

It is astounding what fools The Ship of Fools can make out of them-selves without even trying. It comes natural and like a Siamese twins brother, their ignorance is stuck/attached to them for life.

If PDT would have come back with a deal, they would have found fault with that as well.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) needled President Trump Thursday after the collapse of his talks with Kim Jong Un, suggesting it shouldn’t have taken him so long to recognize the North Korean leader is not serious about denuclearization.

“I guess it took two meetings for him to realize that Kim Jong Un is not on the level,” Pelosi told reporters at her weekly news conference. “The prospect for success seemed dim in light of the insincerity of Kim Jong Un.”

Trump’s meeting with Kim in Hanoi was abruptly cut short after he and Trump were unable to reach a deal to dismantle Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons.

Examples like this are a very good reason The ship of Fools are so unproductive. Inside their pea brains, they tell themselves, even before they try to correct a problem, it is too difficult, so why even make an attempt. They are the epitome of complacency and should be ashamed to call themselves leaders of this country.

Should we even expect one of The Ship of Fools to compliment PDT for the effort he put into trying to turn a corner with NK?? Noy on your life.


Repeat – repeat – repeat; chastise if necessary – acknowledge if deserves.

I give PDT 3 thumbs up for his effort and The Ship of Fools, 5 thumbs down for their criticism.

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