Behind closed doors …

Los Angeles news anchor died in December after overdosing on methamphetamineduring a sexual encounter with a male companion at a California hotel, an autopsy report revealed Friday.


Glendale Police were called to a Days Inn hotel around 1:15 p.m. on Dec. 27 to find KTLA news anchor Christopher Burrous unresponsive and suffering from a “medical emergency,” officials said in a press release.

You wanna play with fire; you are eventually going to get burned!!


Can I say I feel sorry for anyone that messes with the DIRTY STUFF? Yes and no. I feel sorry because of their eventual circumstances; BUTT on the other hand, they had choices. These are heart-breaking situations, not for the deceased, their troubles are over, BUTT not for their surviving families.

I guess weakness, ignorance and many other human deficits play a big role in being a druggie. EDUCATION is the only key to coming out on the other end in one piece. BUTT for some, education is not enough.

What is the answer to the drug conditions in the world?? The answer was there 60 – 70 years ago, BUTT like anything else, the people at the top ignored it, hoping it would eventually disappear. Never happened!!


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