At least was not a DUDE …

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with soliciting sex at Florida spa

Give the Super Bowl Champ a break. He wanted to get a little nookie on the side, I say why not.

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Friday was charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution at a Florida spa — and cops say there’s video.

Kraft, 77, is accused of paying for sexual acts at Orchids of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter, located about 90 miles north of Miami. His name was among more than a dozen who were charged.

When I initially saw the article, I thought Bobby went of the deep end and turned into a switch hitter. Glad I was wrong.

With all of the supposed illegal non-sense going on these days, I would have figured by this time, the LADIES OF THE NIGHT would have caught a break by now and been legalized. After all it is the oldest occupation in the world. That is what the experts say. I say a politician was her pimp, so he had to come first.

I say leave Bobby Kraft and the rest of the guys alone that have to resort to hookers for their RELIEF. Some may have a very good reason for LOOKING ELSEWHERE. It sure beats the hell out of going out and raping someone.

I can’t help BUTT wonder if the socio-democrats would support legalizing prostitution?? I am somewhat reluctant to complete the question. They all seem to have the same occupation.

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