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Charles Barkley jokes about Jussie Smollett, Liam Neeson controversies during TNT’s NBA halftime show

Chuck always did lay it on the line, telling it like it is. That is very refreshing these days to see and hear an honest celeb when we are in the midst of the most prolific liars and cry-babies in our history. Just about everything that comes out of the mouth of some CELEBS is nothing BUTT bull-shit to try and fire up the troops. Barkley tells it like it is.

As America continues to process the Jussie Smollett controversy, outspoken former pro basketball star Charles Barkley raised eyebrows with his perspective Thursday night.

During halftime of TNT’s coverage of the Houston Rockets-Los Angeles Lakers game, commentators Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson were considering a list of possible NBA scenarios as the league’s playoffs approach.

Before a commercial break, Barkley offered some advice directly to Smollett.

“Jussie, you wasted all that damn time and money. You know what you shoulda did? Just went up to Liam Neeson’s neighborhood. You coulda solved all your damn problems.”

Neeson made headlines of his own recently for saying he developed an urge to kill a black man after learning that a friend had been raped by a black suspect.

I said it at the time and it proved to be right. Neeson suffered a significant backlash for his comments. Neeson suffered from the Donald Trump syndrome. TMI; Too much information is not necessary. Think what you want, BUTT be very careful of what you say.

It is refreshing to see and hear people like Barkley speak his mind and NOT fall in with the herd jumping off the cliff.


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