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Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan isn’t ruling out a primary challenge to Trump

Gov Hogan is a staunch a republican as one can get. He shoots straight from the hip and tells it like it is.

Asked if President Trump is fit to be president, Hogan said, “Look, I’m not in any position to judge the fitness of the president … I’ve been pretty clear, I don’t like the tone that the president uses. I think there are times where he acts irrationally, and makes decisions and … does things in a way that aren’t great for the Republican Party, or for the country, or for him and his agenda, for that matter. I mean, I think sometimes he can be his own worst enemy.”  

The governor must be reading The Goomba Gazette, that is a good thing, or has access to my mail. I have been saying the same things shortly after PDT had his hand on the bible.

Just how intelligent does one have to be not to keep putting their hand in the mouse trap time and time again??

All one can assume; getting his proverbial fingers smashed as many times as he has, haven’t hurt him enough. If it did, he would keep making the same mistakes.

It is almost comical, BUTT very sad he has not caught on yet and doesn’t look like he is going to.

He WAS a man that had everything it took to bring the USA back to respectability as he promised. BUTT for one gigantic hang-up that is attached to his enormous ego, his compulsion to saying anything and everything that pops into his head without any forethought or consideration, as the governor said, he has literally BEEN HIS OWN WORST ENEMY.

IF ONLY, PDT had control of that Achilles heel, we would be looking at an entirely different set of circumstances.

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