I’ll show you Donald ….


Swalwell bypasses coffee inside Trump Tower, tweets about it

Here we have a real martyr for THE CAUSE and a fool to boot.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., got a different kind of roast after sharing how his trek to get a cup of coffee on Wednesday involved bypassing a café inside the Trump Tower and opting to brave the elements to find another coffee spot in New York City.

He tweeted proudly like Attila the Nun would have when he conquered a village.

Rep. Eric Swalwell@RepSwalwell

It’s snowing in #NewYork. I need coffee. The closest cafe is inside Trump Tower. This is me walking to an alternative. 55.7K3:05 PM – Feb 20, 2019

This goes to show you just how smart some of the politicians are. Swalell would rather freezes those little balls off he has between he legs and bypass Trump’s building not to by a coffee there. I am sure that rebellious act has cost The Donald dearly and set him back a bundle!!

Just like the PC mommy would say to Little Johnny that just smashed her in the face with a frying pan; GOOD JOB ERIC HONEY!!.

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1 Response to I’ll show you Donald ….

  1. bydesign001 says:

    Ah, that explains the massive wave of stench here in the City yesterday forcing New Yorkers to the point of nausea….even in the freezing weather and snow flakes.

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