Do what I say, not what I do!!!

Vatican admits to secret rules for children of priests

No kidding. Did the Catholic Church think that the public was living under a rock or in Fantasy Land??

Just in case there are a few people that are still in the dark about the birds and the bees, it a fact of life, when a male and a female have sex, sooner or later the female get pregnant. It does not make any different if the guy is wearing a collar or not, unless there happens to be some divine intervention???


It is also common-knowledge that Catholic priests occasionally tip toe through the Tulips. So them knocking up a women, many of the being nuns, is no monumental secret.

Theoretically; when a priest has a kid he is supposed to leave the priesthood and assume the role as a father and take care of the kid, BUTT that rarely happens.

Officially, Catholic priests are required to maintain a life of celibacy, refraining from any form of sexual activity. A growing tide of sexual abuse scandals involving priests around the world has shown these vows are often broken, although there are many examples of consensual sex by ministers.

Some foolish people are under the assumption, if priest are allowed to have sex/get married, the molestation will be reduced. WRONG. Molestation has very little to do with the sexual act, it is a matter of dominance and control. Allowing priest to get married is senseless, it will never curb molestation, they are two different animals.

From what I know, a very big factor in keeping the Catholic religion in operation, are the dead presidents people drop in the baskets on Sunday; and they are still crying.


NOWWWW; take into consideration a priest getting married. All of a sudden he has a wife that loves QVC, 4 kids, a house, taxes, auto expenses, clothing and the whole nine yards. If the church is broke now, without the priest getting married, can they even imagine the chaos there will be having to support his entire family??

What about the man of god and the little lady wanting to get a divorce?? That is against the religion. How do they circumvent that??

Before all of them signed on the dotted line, they knew what the rules were. To change the rules in the middle of the stream is not the answer. If a man truly wants to devote his life to god and becomes a priest, he has to follow the rules. If not, do not join the priesthood.

As far as the priest that feel the need to have sex of any kind, they should be thrown out automatically, and if molestation took place, they should PASS GO AND GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL.

The fact of the matter is, they want their host and es it to.

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1 Response to Do what I say, not what I do!!!

  1. JCscuba says:

    They are seriously delusional nothing need be more said with the exception if the Vatican wasn’t condoning this horror those involved would be in prison.

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