Up Shit Creek …..

Trump plans to allocate $8 billion to fund border wall, by declaring a national emergency

I said there would not be an mutual agreement reached between Trump and the democrats and there wasn’t. The democrats did just enough (we can call it a token gesture) to placate, just enough to ease their own conscience and to look good in the public’s eyes. I say they failed miserably on all accounts.

On the other side of the fence, PDT did not take their 25 % olive branch offer graciously, and is going to declare a national emergency. Extremely pathetic that our country has to resort to these measure, all because of a VENDETTA.


In essences, neither side budged and once again, the true victims in their little game are the CITIZENS of this country.

This is my take on the wall deal. For anyone to think that PDT’s is so determined to build a new wall, his motives are 100% justified concerning the security of this country; that would be a foolish conjecture. I will give it a 70% for the security and future of the country and 30% is ego driven. Why, because it was a commitment he made and does not like failing or be said no to. Possibly 80% – 20%. We all know that he is a very patriotic person.

On the other hand; ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING the democrats do is geared around sticking it in Trumps ass. Just telling it like it is folks. That description should get the message across loud and clear.

Trump views some issues in a similar fashion as I do, or as any half-way-intelligent person should. I used to tell all of the people that worked WITH me; never think about what you are going to do tomorrow; I figured that out 2 weeks ago. The key to this entire disastrous scenario revolves around what THE FUTURE holds.

The Ship of Fools that are bucking PDT fall into two different categories. # 1. the ones that are so ignorant (the sheep) that they just follow their leaders without using any common-sense, any backbone, and no foresight for the future. They are not the dangerous sheep


Take # 2; they are the real threat to the future of this country. They are the villains, THE SHIP OF FOOLS that are trying to take this country down and turn it into a socialist society. NOW, THESE MOTHER ARE THE REAL DANGER.


If we were forced to pin the blame on one of the two sides in THE WALL disaster, I would have to hang it on the democrats. Why you AXE?? Because they are committed (their blood oath) to shoot down anything and everything PDT proposed or backs; no matter how beneficial it would be to this country. On the other hand, PDT is LOOKING TO THE FUTURE.

If the fools on the other side of the issue had one ounce of sense, they would AXE themselves; how the fuck did the USA get itself into such a precarious position as we are in today?? ANSWER: no one was looking into the future.

I have repeated this many times in my life; the sins we commit when we are young, we pay for when we get older!!! The older times has arrived.

The USA in all of its benevolence is now paying the price for being too generous in so many areas in years past, it has come back and bit us in the ass. NO ONE WAS LOOKING INTO THE FUTURE. Now the future is here and we are screwed if we do not take measures now to protect ourselves for years to come, THE FUTURE.

If any socio-democrats/far-left fools are reading The Goomba Gazette ( as they should be), imagine this. I will put it as simple as possible so it does not go over your head.

Using a little WHAT-IF. Let us say you have a 1,800 sf house. It is very comfortable for you, your other half (may be a man or a women, can’t tell these days) and 2 – 3 kids. A place you worked very hard to get as your American dream. Let us assume YOU ARE FOOLISH ENOUGH that you opened your front doors and invited 300 people to shack-up with your family indefinitely. Once you invite them to come in, there is no way you can AXE them to leave. You are stuck with them for the duration. Is that simple enough for all the fools to understand?? It doesn’t take a scholar to grasp it. COMMON-SENSE

If you do not do anything else in you life, always remember my credo; COMMON-SENSE!! Without it you are up:


Is it extremely sad that many of the immigrants trying to enter the country have had such a miserable existence?? Absolutely, BUTT the USA can not be the dumping ground for the world. I am not a person without compassion; just one that believes charity begins at home. The conditions in the countries they are fleeing from are NEVER going to change. They have been in turmoil for decades if not centuries and will continue to stay that way.

No one has ever told any immigrant, with the exception of the criminal element, that they are not permitted entry to the USA. ONLY one requirement is; DO IT OUR WAY OR HIT THE HIGHWAY. After all, it is our country or at least I thought it is.

The pathetic part of this entire scenario; the people/politicians that are causing all of the turmoil, the ones that are steering the ship, will never be affected by the outcome, either way it goes. They are tucked away in their own castle looking down the mountain at THE LITTLE PEOPLE and laughing their sorry asses off.

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ALWAYS COMMON-SENSE Addressing topics other bloggers shy away from. All posts are original. Objective: impartial commentary on news stories, current events, nationally and internationally news told as they should be; SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. Direct and to the point unbiased opinions. No topics are off limits. No party affiliations, no favorites, just a patriotic American trying to make a difference. God Bless America and Semper Fi!
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