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Wisconsin basketball player says she’s unfazed by backlash from her anthem protestV
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First we had kneelers, now we have sitters. Different positions, BUTT all with the same purpose. Same mission, all in denial.

When her Wisconsin teammates stand for the anthem, Marsha Howard sits alone on the bench, closes her eyes and bows her head.

Ms. Howard like all of the others missionaries refuses to get to the root of their problem; that being crimes committed by the black community.

Same old story I have touched on many times. Problem is, no one is paying attention. Black people make up roughly 13% of the United States population, and white people make up 64%. Black people make up 40% of the prison population, whites people 39%. About the same, ONLY …

Let us assume, as the black people claim, they are more prone to be arrested for a crime than a white person is. (If my proposal was implemented throughout the country, same penalty for all crimes of the same nature, regardless of where the crimes were committed, that would take the partiality out of the sentencing. Crimes in Alaska and the same crime in Florida have the same penalty regardless of what race or nationality the person is) I would say under many/similar circumstances they may be correct. Generously, let us take away 10% of the arrests as being targeted, that still leave 13% of the population that is committing 54% of the crimes. Sooner or later, or possibly never, the black community is going to have to admit to themselves the reality of their problem.

No crime – no cops – no arrests – no abuse. Is it that simple or what?? All the kneeling and sitting is all for naught if the root of the problem is not addressed. Will it ever be?? I don’t think so.

There are too many different/separate factors that perpetuate crime for it to be a easy fix. # 1 on that list, without a doubt, EDUCATION. Without education society is lost. Not 1+1=2 education, BUTT educated on the way to exist as productive, respectful, self-sufficient citizens of the world. No crime – no cops – no arrests – no abuse. This rule of thumb applies to all human-beings.

Can an initiative like this ever be completely irradiated?? It is doubtful, BUTT if the numbers can be reduced substantially, that would be a major plus. Anything would be an advancement from where the country is now.

Only then, if they take the blinders off, can the kneelers and sitters ever achieve what they are looking for. If they refuse to go to the root/cause of their dilemma, they will be sitting and kneeling for a very long time and still complaining about the same issues.

Just like a parent that continually allows their brat to misbehave and never disciplines them, the brat only gets worse as they get older.



Reality is reality folks. If you want to ignore it, you are a gigantic fools that keeps putting your finger in the mouse trap and bitching it hurts!!

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