In the end it will be the votes that matters …

Fox News contributor Karl Rove blasted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, saying the progressive proposal is “a laundry list of lunatic ideas.”

I don’t care who blasts this out-of-control rebel and her laundry list of lunatic ideas; in the end it will be how many votes she and her constituents can put together that will be the deciding factor.

People scoffed at others that tried to recreate/revolutionize the USA into socialism; BUTT they (TMC and his followers) were just the prelude and a stepping stone for what was to come. This movement is a very well thought out and contrived mission to turn the USA into a socialists country. They are relentless and will not capitulate until their goals is crushed.

BUTTTTT; for all the believers; take a good look at socialism and how many times it has failed. Better yet, take a look at the leaders, the people on the top of the Ponzi scheme, the people that contrive it all, they are living high on the hog, while in many cases their country people are starving. Does Venezuela ring a bell??

Not being pessimistic, just factual, I do see these people making MORE significant strides unless their movement is crushed in its infancy. Problem being, they have picked up a full head of steam already.

There are too many free-loaders in this country that are looking for a free ride. They are too ignorant to know, there is no free ride or free lunch. Sooner or later, we all have to pay our dues. Regardless if the people are imbecilic or scholars, in the end their votes will count.

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