Wake up Gerry…

Dem Rep. Gerry Connolly defends Ilhan Omar: She’s only a ‘freshman’

“I make a huge distinction between Omar and say someone like Steve King, who has been around for decades. Steve King’s been saying horrible, racist things for a long time and, you know, there was crickets, total silence on the Republican side of the aisle about it until very recently. All of a sudden, they were shocked — he was talking about white supremacism,” Connolly told CNN anchor Don Lemon.

“Omar is a freshman. She’s new here, she’s young. I think she has learned a painful lesson that the words you use through whatever what medium can be painful and can be hurtful and will have consequences. So hopefully moving forward, this is a valuable lesson she has learned and she’ll seek counsel and be far more careful about how she expresses herself.”

Gerry Dudess; Do you have any idea at what age the sense of reasoning starts?? Auditory processing, which is critical for good reading skills, is developing between the ages of 5 and 7. Logic & reasoning also becomes more established during after 5 years of age as a child becomes better able to make connections between ideas.

Omar has long past that time and I would assume she knows right from wrong and exactly what she is saying and doing. Her outlandish behavior has NOTHING to do with her being a freshman or that she is young.

Gerry reminds me of the PC-pathetic parent that rewards her brats bad behavior and kissing Little Johnny ass after he smashed her in the face with a frying pan. The PC-pathetic mom; look how nice Little Johnny plays; then she gives a a cookie.

Omar and her crew’s mission is try and take over the country and Gerry say; “Omar is a freshman. She’s new here, she’s young. GMAFB lady!!

Gerry left out vicious, conniving, manipulative, dangerous and a few other not so complimentary characteristics.


Is it possible that Gerry does not want to insult the rebel who wears a headdress for fear of being LABELED??

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