Blame game ….

Trump weighs options after deal falls short of his demands

President Donald Trump must soon decide whether he can accept the border security deal struck by congressional negotiators that falls far short of his original demands.

The agreement, which includes $1.375 billion for a border barrier, falls well short of the $5.7 billion he originally demanded for a wall. It even falls short of the $1.6 billion included in a Senate package last year.

I would assume that a bogus/insincere offer like this would be considered by PDT to be an insult. The only reason the democrats are making the offer, so they don’t look like the BAD GUYS. They know that Trump will not accept it and he will be the fall guy. The real losers in this whore deal of whores are the American people.

As bad as things are; I would have thought by now, there would have been a compromise between the two sides?? BUTT I am not a politician.

In this case, we can safely say that the democrats are people that keep their word. They made a blood oath when Donald Trump had his hand on the bible, to shit-can and derail everything and anything he put on the table, regardless of how beneficial it would be to the country. They have kept their word; probably for the 1st time in decades.

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