There has to bee something in the water …

California governor to reduce National Guard presence at border

It has to be an epidemic out west. When God pass out the brains, they thought he said trains and they all missed it.

Is it even possible that the fools out there really believe in their own stupidity or is it, as I suspect, 99.9% about smashing PDTs goolunies. This time I will choose door # 1 & door # 2.

Why would anyone with a half a brain or any at all, reduce the guard on the boarders, UNLESS they are AXING for a major headache, worse than the one they have already? It seems that all the fools who occupy the governors seat in Calif. are all one step away from being candidates for the loony bin.

These are just a few examples to start with:

The insanity of California politicians | Valley Roadrunner 1, 2018 – There is the insanity of mobs, the madness of rabid canines, and then there is the special insanity reserved for the “governing” party in …

California and the definition of insanity: Why do Democrats love tax ……/california-and-the-definition-of-insanity-why-do-democrat…Jan 24, 2018 – California is already seeing residents and businesses flee the state … the comparison to include measures of the rule of law and political …

California’s crazy one-party liberal politics is why I had to finally leave ……/californias-crazy-one-party-liberal-politics-is-why-i-had-to-…Apr 15, 2018 – In 2011, after spending my adult life in California, working in the once-thriving aerospace industry there, serving 19 years in the state’s National …

Democrats’ supermajority is turning California into the ‘State of Insanity … its paroxysm of over-the-top liberalism, the new Democratic supermajority in California’s state legislature is introducing a package of bills to protect sanctuary …

If it walks like a duck – talks like a duck – smell like a duck – it sure as hell is not a swan.

I gotta give credit where it is due; they ALL are consistently idiots.


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