The tramp didn’t fall far from the tree …

Miley (The Tramp) Cyrus risks wardrobe malfunction multiple times at Grammys


The media likes to call it a NIP SLIP, I like to call them SHOWBOATING SLUTS.


Anyone that thinks these exhibitions of tramps like Cyrus are accidental, remember the sale on my swamp land for fools.


Folks, I could two shits less about what people like Cyrus do with their lives. If they want to drive off a cliff, I might even fill their gas tank before the trip. The ONLY reason my goolunies get tight over trash like her is because of the influence they have on younger kids. Take a look around you and tell me I am wrong.

There are a group of these exhibitionists celebs that push the envelope every-time the walk out of the house, hoping some paparazzi is following them. They do, say something stupid or risque, many times because their popularity has gone down the tubes or to make sure their name stays in the headlines. Then act innocent like it was accidental. GMAFB

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree!! Well.

Everything is connected folks. Promiscuity, immorality, misbehavior, drugs; somewhere down the line, they all seem to cross each-other path.

If there was a drug raid at the Grammy’s last night, a good percentage of the audience would have spent the night in the slams. .

You are AXING why I watched it?? I didn’t.

To me it is and always has been about the kids. They don’t have a decent chance in life when they are knee deep in trash. All people are products of their environment.

If they walk like a slut, talk like a slut and act like a slut; what other label can we put on them???

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