Browns hired a women beater …

Cleveland Browns sign ex-Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt

The ENTIRE NFL’s chain of owners are nothing BUTT smoke and mirrors. The ONLY thing that has any value/respect for is the ALMIGHTY $$$$$. They could care less if some thug had a history of women beating, they would and JUST DID hire him anyway.

It wasn’t enough that this thug knocked the women to the ground when he assaulted her, he also put the boots to her. One hell of a guy. Someone that any NFL team would be proud of OWNING.

Dorsey went on to say the Browns “fully understand and respect the complexity of questions and issues in signing a player with Kareem’s history and do not condone his actions. Given what we know about Kareem through our extensive research, we believe he deserves a second chance but certainly with the understanding that he has to go through critical and essential steps to become a performing member of this organization, aside from what the NFL determines from their ongoing investigation.”

Second chance??? I understand this Dude has two other assault charges pending against him.

It is very – very – very rare that thugs like this change their stripes. If I were a betting man; I would say we have not heard the last of Hunts difficulties with women.

Most people; if they do not have consequences for their actions and are continually protected, they will absolutely be repeat offenders.

I don’t think much of the NFL and even less of the Cleveland Browns owners. I wonder if it were their daughter that was on the receiving end of this receivers beating, if they would be so compassionate??


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