Brazilian MP, 43, defends herself after being slammed for showing cleavage in parliament

Online trolls, including many women, took to social media to argue that her choice of clothing was “inappropriate,” ”shocking” and “vulgar” while others called her the “representative of prostitutes”.

In addition to the online comments, a column by Mariliz Pereira Jorge from leading daily Folha de S. Paulo was titled ‘Breasts of discord” following her appearance.

No one can ever accuse Ana Paula da Silva of being on the modest and shy side. This lady in the Brazilian Parliament sure knows how to wake a a crowd.

The old cliche is; if you have them, flaunt them. And that she does very well. I am not sure if this exhibition of hooters really fits into parliamentary procedure??

Being a little on the conservative side, I would say, showing off her boobs at a dinner party or at the opera may be one thing, BUTT probably somewhat inappropriate showing up at a parliamentary meeting looking like that.

Da Silva, a mother of two, said she had gone shopping especially for her inauguration and thought the suit was the prettiest. “This is my style,” the 43-year-old politician said, defending her choice.

I can think of worse things the Parliamentary Princess could have done.

One thing for sure, I bet none of the horny old men fell asleep during that session.

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