The View from the View …

Photo of Joy Behar dressed as ‘beautiful African woman’ resurfaces

With all of the demands for resignation and firing going on over BLACK FACE fools, what are the liberals going to do with one of their own??

Behar, one of the biggest ball busters on the PC-team seems to have powered her nose a little too dark wanting to look like a black lady, while she is sporting what seems to look like an Afro. Does she have her tit in the wringer out not??



It appears that one of the most vocal/critical of the PC-pack has a few Afro wigs tucked away in her closet. As I alluded to in my post yesterday, I think this CRUSADE has been blown way out of proportion. Based only on the fact that she is so adamant when she is attacking others, demanding JUSTICE, I say Behar should only be allowed to view the View from afar. It is time to get her bonnet.

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