Scum of the earth ….

Arizona nurse charged with raping incapacitated woman pleads not guilty

Are you shitting me?? This low-life-son-of-a-bitch-scumbab rapes and impregnated a lady that has been in a comma for years, has gone to trial and was ALLOWED to plead not guilty.


Nathan Sutherland, who is accused of raping a woman who later gave birth at a long-term care facility in Phoenix, pleaded not guilty on Tuesday to a sexual assault charge.

DNA testes were taken of all the male workers at the facility and it was proven that the scumbag pictured above fathered the child. How in the name of anything that is holy (if there is any such animal) can this rodent be allowed to plead not guilty???

Does anyone BUTT me see anything wrong with the laws of the land?? There is nothing that exists that is more conclusive than an DNA test.


He should be found guilty and castrated before the sun goes down.

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