Is it really always racism?? GMAFB


I am not convinced that everyone who put shoe polish or soot from a cork on their face were/are racists. It was common for many people to do just that from time to time, like on Halloween or a costume party.

How about Amos and Andy, the VERY popular radio program?? Were they racists as well. GMAFB

The roles of Amos and Andy initially were played by two white guys.

Amos ‘n’ Andy – Wikipedia

Amos ‘n’ Andy is an American radio and television sitcom set in Harlem, Manhattan’s historic black community. The original radio show, which ran from 1928 until 1960, was created, written … After the first broadcast in 1928, the show became a hugely popular radio series. Early episodes were broadcast from the El Mirador …

I used to listen to the program on the radio before we got a television. Now that is old.

There NEVER was any suggestion of racism then, these people were celebrities. The notion of negativity only came about years later when some of the people in the black community and the some bleeding hearts in the white community went to extremes, looking for anything and everything they could label as racist. GMAFB

What about Aunt Jemima’s pancake mix and and Uncle Ben’s rice. Were the people that marketed them way back when racists?? I don’t think so. GMAFB

Just as these products in a round about way honored their namesakes, I think that vast majority of people through the years that dress like or colored their faces black were doing it for fun and not being malicious.

Were their some fools that did it for nefarious purposes?? Absolutely yes, BUTT they are in a very minut minority.

The greatest number of the critics that resent someone doing a BLACK FACE seems to come more from the white community. If we continually tell someone that they are hated, whet the hell are they going to believe?? GMAFB

Doesn’t the old cliche read; being mimicked is a form of flattery??


I think in many circumstances this racist thing is way over-blown. Lighten up a little folks, the stress can be THE KILLER.

Was Michael Jackson, the guy that bleached his body white; was he a racist of a different form?? GMAFB


There are professional ball busting, instigators in this world that are constantly shaking the turmoil tree looking for fault in anything and everything just to keep the fires of hatred stoked. Why, because they are miserable people.


I keep stressing it folks; BUTT very few are listening; common-sense!!!

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