Ms. Frankensteiness has been hatched …

‘Green New Deal’ details emerge, as Ocasio-Cortez preps big reveal of WW2-level mobilization

A fanatical monsteress has been hatched when Cortez was elected into politics. This radical rebel is so far in outer space, the Hubble telescope can’t even see her.


By herself, she is just another fool on a rampage to revolutionize the world, BUTT with the following she has generated, she has become a very dangerous Frankensteiness.

This is what she ran on and how she got elected. Now she is trying to implement her platform. Still to this day she has not come up with a way to pay for them except tax the super-rich to death.

Ocasio has kicked up more dust in a short amount of time than TMC did in 2007 when he threw his Cowboy hat in the mix.


Oscaio and her group either are not smart enough to understand, if they are successful with their outlandish pipe dreams, the power-brokers, the people with the big buck$ will seek other avenues to protect their wealth. In the process, it will cripple the country economically.

What would give the super-wealthy that keep the wheels in this country moving, the incentive to keep prospering if they have to pay the government 70% of what they make.

For the folks out there that are a little mathematically challenged; for ever 1.00 they make, they would be compelled to pay .70 of that in taxes.

I have not mentioned this in quiet sometime, BUTT still and a VERY big advocate of it. I think now is the time for a FLAT TAX to be implemented in this country to counter this socialist movement.

What more FAIR system can there be that all people in the country pay the same percentage of tax. I don’t know what the percentage should be set at, BUTT it can be worked out so it is fair to everyone.

Lets pick a number. 40%. Everyone in the country pays 40 %. If they make 1 dollar or 100 million, they pay the same rate. Numbers have been kicked around for years, BUTT the big boys tried to stay away from it because they had so many loop holes and tax shelters. A flat tax would eliminate that all. No shelters, no loop hole, everyone pays the same.

What are the advantages of a flat tax? There are two principal arguments for a flat tax– growth and fairness. Many economists are attracted to the idea because current tax systems, with high rates and discriminatory taxation of saving and investment, reduce growth, destroy jobs and lower income.

Other countries have a flat tax and seem to do very well by it.

The Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have had flat taxes of 24%, 25% and 33% respectively with a tax exempt amount, since the mid-1990s. On 1 January 2001, a 13% flat tax on personal income took effect in Russia. Ukraine followed Russia with a 13% flat tax in 2003, which later increased to 15% in 2007.

My flat tax suggestion to some may seem as preposterous as Oscaio’s approach, BUTT I believe it it a fair way of taxing without penalizing anyone for being successful.

As far as the wealthy shying away from a flat tax, with Oscaio and her troops gaining strength, a flat tax may look very appealing to the FAT CATS.

The socialist mentality Osacio is consumed with has been proven not to work, YETT she and her sheep are determined to try and move forward with it.

The 1st step with their socialist movement was to get her elected. Score one for their team. The 2nd step is for them to move forward with their agenda. They ARE making very significant progress. That is what has to be nipped in the bub. BUTT I am afraid the bud has already flowered and began to open. If Oscaio and her movement are successful, there will be tremendous hardships ahead for the USA.

Don’t be one bit surprised when some day, possibly not in 2020, when Osacio throws he bonnet in the ring for a seat in THE BIG CHAIR.

The greatest appeal the socialist movement has in this country is from the parasites, ignorant, lazy fools that want a free ride in life. The tantalizing expectation of getting the government to support them financially for the rest of their lives is too much for them to resist.

They should all remember the old cliche; if it looks too good to be true, it usually is!!

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  1. sotomayor111 says:

    A shooting star successful Bronx Puerto Rican is killing you….I feel your pain

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