Exact-a-mento ….

Bill Bennett: Democrats have made a sharp left turn – Here’s what’s behind it
William J. Bennett

By William J. Bennett | Fox News


Possibly the light just went on for William Bennett; I have been saying exactly the same thing ever since Trump put his hand on the bible.

Bennett’s quote: So why now the vehement contention? The Democrats care more about sticking it to Trump than common sense.

Those few words; The Democrats care more about sticking it to Trump than common sense;  say more in one short sentence, than anything anyone can possibly come up with.

In the meantime, this goes for both sides, the GET-BACK game they are playing with each-other is costing this country dearly. That in-itself just goes to show the American people AGAIN, that we are just gum on the bottom of the politicians shoes. Their selfishness and inflated ego comes before doing what they were elected to do.

Starting for the top down, they should ALL be ashamed of themselves. They are disgraceful.

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