Dangerous territory ..

Michael Moore says; Dems need to accept far-left Ocasio-Cortez as party leader: ‘No middle ground anymore’

This guy muts shop for his cloths at The Salvation Army

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore declared U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the new leader of the Democratic Party, while urging political moderates to take a position because there “is no middle ground anymore.”

“She is the leader. Everybody knows it. Everybody feels it,” Moore said of the freshman congresswoman from New York during a Friday interview on MSNBC.


This lady has kicked up more dust in a short amount of time then that guy who came on the scene in 2007, the one nobody every heard of before. We know the rest of that sad tale.


I half/ass agree with Mush Mouth; Cortez has sure achieved a lot of success and developed a huge following in a very short amount of time. Whether she is the leader of the democratic party or not can be up for debate.

Now if Mush Mouth Moore said she was the leader or front-runner of the socio-democratic party, I may agree slightly more.

Nan and Chuckie have to feel extremely slighted by this anointment of Cortez by Moore. Not that Moore is any significant figure in the MOVEMENT, BUTT there are some fools out there that are receptive to his messages.

For the good people that follow The Goomba Gazette, they know that I acknowledge when deserved, as well as admonish when necessary. I try very hard to be fair, BUTT needless to say, I always lean more toward patriotism, loyalty, honesty and support our country to the hilt.

If anyone that is open minded stops and takes a good look at what the motivations are with people like Ortez and her flock, they have to see that her long range aspersions are to turn the USA into a socialist state. I may add, she and her flock are gaining a lot of traction.

It has been ABSOLUTELY proven that her methods of socialism are very detrimental to any society. Take a good look at Venezuela and tell me that socialism is the way to go.

Venezuela is the socialist-wasteland that Ocasio-Cortez and fellow …

https://www.foxnews.com/…/venezuela-is-the-socialist-wasteland-that-ocasio-cortez-and-…2 days ago – Venezuela is in chaos and has been since the merciless reign of President Hugo Chavez. Today, it is the only nation in the world with not one, …

What is socialism:

Dictionary result for socialism

/ˈsōSHəˌlizəm/nounnoun: socialism

  1. a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.synonyms: leftism, Fabianism, syndicalism, consumer socialism, utopian socialism, welfarism; Morecommunism, Bolshevism; radicalism, militancy; progressivism, social democracy; laborism; Marxism, Leninism, Marxism–Leninism, neo-Marxism, Trotskyism, Maoism antonyms:conservatism
    • policy or practice based on the political and economic theory of socialism.synonyms:leftism, Fabianism, syndicalism, consumer socialism, utopian socialism, welfarism; communism, Bolshevism; radicalism, militancy; progressivism, social democracy; laborism; Marxism, Leninism, Marxism–Leninism, neo-Marxism, Trotskyism, Maoism antonyms:conservatism
    • (in Marxist theory) a transitional social state between the overthrow of capitalism and the realization of Communism

This is what Ortez and her sheep want for the USA. In essence, with full blown socialism no one BUTT the government has ownership of anything. BUTT the leaders in the movement are in the drives seat and eventually become very wealthy and in control of the complete system. Which may I add, completely implodes.

Is this the way the honest, hard working people want to live?? Absolutely not. Is this the way lazy, no-good-for-nothings, parasites want to be supported by the government want to live?? Absolutely yes. The four letter word they hate more than a FOOL is WORK.

There are approximately 326,000,000 people living in the USA – 23% or 74,980,000 of them are on some sort of social program. A very high percentage of them are collecting legally, BUTT a very significant percentage are collecting fraudulently.

The long range mission of Oretz and her flock is to totally control the lives of every citizen of the USA by imposing their socialist methods of governing.

By definition, there is a distinct difference between socialism and democratic-socialism. Democratic socialists supposedly do not don’t want the government to control everything, they feel that social goods like health care should be run by the government, on the other hand supposedly favor capitalism. The way I view that, their movement is just another step in the direction of complete socialist control at some point in time. It is like being a democrat and republican at the same time. They want it both ways. Having their cake and eating it too.

At any rate, socialism of any sort is a step in the wrong direction. It is no big secret that anything the government gets its hands on turns out to be disastrous. Why you AXE?? Because the money they control (it is always about the $oldi) and the money they spend IS NOT THEIRS. They DO NOT have to be accountable for their actions.


On the other hand, privatizing any industry is ALWAYS more cost effective and a favorable way to go because of that one word, ACCOUNTABILITY. In private industry, unless it is operated by a bunch of crooks and there are many, they have to account for the money they spend. It is a proven fact privatization is the soundest way to success.

Privatization – Investopedia

https://www.investopedia.com › Investing › Investing StrategyJul 23, 2018 – BREAKING DOWN Privatization. Privatization generally helps governments save money and increase efficiency. … Privatization of specific government operations happens in a number of way, although generally, the government transfers ownership of specific facilities or business processes to a private, for-profit company.

SOOOO America; you have choices. Support people like Ortez with her socialist aspirations and become totally dependent on the government (mentally incompetent) OR work your ass off, be independent, be proud of yourself and the achievement you accomplish while setting the standards for the young ones that come after you.

I am really afraid to see what the total consensus is. Pay me now or pay me later!!

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