Refreshing to hear ….

Vladimir Putin: Russia will only deploy new missiles if United States does

Let me take a wild stab at this. Was The Judo Guy’s benevolent gesture not to bomb the USA 1st, to show his gratitude to Donald Trump for helping him get elected the last time around?? Lot of conversation going around the Kremlin these days!!

Turn around is fair play. The latest rumor is; in gratitude, if The Trump’s ever have another kid, they are going to new the little one Val. The name is not gender specific and they want to be very PC.

MOSCOW – Following in the footsteps of the U.S., Russia will abandon a centerpiece nuclear arms treaty but will only deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles if Washington does so, President Vladimir Putin said Saturday.

All nuking aside; let us hope that all the world’s leader (many of them being one step away from the psycho ward) who have a RED BUTTON on their desk, don’t go nuts someday and palm slam it.

It really isn’t saying much for mankind, that we are just one slam away from ending it all. The weapon/tool that was the key to ended WWII and NEVER TO BE USED AGAIN, is a sleeping giant, if in the wrong hands is just waiting to gobble up the entire world.

Let face it folks. There is enough wealth in this world to go around that not one human-being should have to suffer, go hungry or live under the cloud of fear that it would end it all.

What is it all about?? What are the driving factors?? Greed – money – control and power. The major power-brokers all want to be the top dog. The LIVE AND LET LIVE mentality where opposites agreed to disagree, no longer exists. It is every man for them-self. The one that has the most chips at the end of the poker game is the winner.

I think it is safe to say that mankind is their own worst enemy. Sooner or later, because of their obsession to HAVE IT ALL, that will be the driving force that does us all in. Either by the bomb or the abuse of Mother Nature.

It would not take much for the world leaders to put their heads together and come up with a PEACE PLAN that will last forever. BUTT to start with, virtually none of the are trustworthy. 2ndly the Greed – money – control and power factors I talked about will always be the detractor.

They are the ones I feel sorry for. By the looks of things, I seem to be in the minority.

EVIL is definitely a fact of life.

Thanks for the commitment Val. I am sure the world will be sleeping better tonight!!

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