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Fox news

Tightening alliance between Russia, China is ‘scariest’ part of US intel chiefs’ testimony: Byron York

This is a great example of why the USA should NEVER – EVER cut back in any sector of our national defense.

I have sad this so many times before. IF ANY of our enemies knew that tomorrow they could walk in, invade this country and come away clean, we better be very flexible so we can kiss our own ass goodbye.


We would be eating with chop stick by noon and drinking Russian vodka for dinner.

The security assessment from top U.S. intelligence chiefs on Capitol Hill this week shed light on what could be a terrifying new alliance between Russia and China, Washington Examiner chief political correspondent Byron York argued Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee received insights on potential global threats — including Iran, North Korea and ISIS — from Dan Coats, director of national intelligence; Gina Haspel, CIA director; and Christopher Wray, FBI director. Many say their analyses contradict the rhetoric that has come from President Trump, who has downplayed many of the same security threats.

I am sure that everyone at one time in their life felt they knew someone, BUTT somewhere down the line, that someone turned out to be entirely the direct opposite of what was perceived. That is where I stand with PDT on SOME issues.

Based on his SALES-PITCH when running for office, he looked like the best thing since sliced bread, BUTT so did TMT ( Obama). What a kick in the ass that was. He still is teetering on doing some good things for the country, only if he puts his ego and the Tweety Bird in the safe and locks it for the next couple years. PDT’s biggest Achilles heal has been himself. Sad to say, I don’t think he will ever change.

In my opinion, PDT has dropped the ball many times with his assertion of some situations and condition as they exist. Global warming is one of them.

Any fool that refuses to agree that mankind has had a hand in global warming, they have their head where the sun doesn’t shine. Are we completely the blame?? Not completely, BUTT played a significant part.

The other issue I am alluding to is the USA’s Intelligence security that he does not see as a threat coming from Russia and China? I don’t know where the man got his blinders, BUTT he should trade them for a seeing eye dog.

Why does anyone in business hire top notch consultants?? For everyone, BUTT Trump, to seek and utilize their advice on complicated/complex matters. It seems very apparent, if it is not Trump’s suggestion or idea, it goes into the circular receptacle on the floor file next to his desk.


The two issues, GLOBAL WARMING AND SECURITY are common-sense issues. If anyone can’t see the hand-writing on the wall or the forest because of the trees, they have a real problem.

There has even been some speculation that Trump truly ADMIRES The Judo Guy and the Chinese leader. Possibly he may want to be just like them??? Dick-tators. That would be a real kick in the nuts.

On the other side of the coin, I know that Trump is very high on rebuilding our military, while The Ship of Fools want to cut it back to the nubs.

The man is not very rational in some areas. Rebuild the military, BUTT not being concerned about our Nation Security threats. It does not make sense.

I am basing my opinions on what I read and see on the news. That MAY BE detrimental. I know the majority of the media is out to get Trump, so I try to be open minded when I blog. On the other hand, I have seen and heard some very strange dialog coming out of PDT’s mouth.

The four main players Trump has to deal with, starting from the worst; Russia – China – North Korea and Iran. Their leaders all have something to be desired in their credibility departments. All of the traditional hand-shaking and bowing we see in the news is just a ritual and a con to them.

I will be the first one that agree with Trump, we DO need WORKING RELATIONS with a least the first three. As a precaution, as the old saying goes; We have to work with them, BUTT should never get in bed with them.

It is in the best interest of the USA to get along on a business level with all of the players, except possibly Iran; BUTT always keeping our eye on the hog and our finger on the trigger. The very micro-second we fall asleep behind the wheel, it may be the last ride we take.

Do we have to love them or even like them?? We just have to be smarter and more cunning than them, always staying 10 steps ahead.

I will repeat; anyone that thinks the Fearsome Foursome WOULD NOT invade tomorrow if they could pull it off, they are delusional.

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  1. JCscuba says:

    Thanks Goomba, I’m going to grab this one tomorrow or later tonight. Dr, Budweiser is calling and I don’t miss that type of appointment. Great job, as is always the case. Thanks J.C.

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