Gonna be a wait and see …

Schultz says Dems pushing ‘false narrative’ with big-spending promises, ‘overreacting’ to 2020 talk

The founder and ex-CEO of Starbucks seems to have a little something between his ears. That he must have, to amass a fortune as he has.


I watched an interview with him on the tele the other day and he seems to be firing on all 8. He claims he is neither an elephant or a jackass, he claims to be an independent. As far as I am concerned, that is a good thing.

I have news for anyone listening, when push come to shove, they ALL are independents. Like roosters, they sit on the top of a barn and sway with the blowing wind. Whatever direction meets their fancy that is the way they float!!

Schultz hit the Cappuccino right between cups when he said; Dems pushing ‘false narrative’ with big-spending promises, ‘overreacting’ to 2020 talk.

The man makes some sense – so far???

The American people have been bamboozled by so many different charlatans running for public office, there are too many to count. It is almost laughable, we can not believe ANYTHING the candidates say, even when their hand is on a bible or Koran.

The irony of the whole thing; it seems to me that the majority of the public loves to be lied to. The bigger the liar, the more support they seem to get. The more false promises that are made to them, the more gullible they become. It must be a case of desperation. Down deep inside them, they know the candidate is bull-shitting them, BUTT are so desperate they are sucked into the web.

Gonna be a wait and see …

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