Never heard of THE RAINROOM

Dad outraged after family kicked off flight for body odor

Morning Express with Robin Meade

A Michigan family was kicked off an American Airlines flight after passengers complained about the family’s body odor. How repulsive!!



Evidently; this guy and his family never learned what a rain-room was used for. They probably ate a triple portion of gefilte fish before getting on the flight, not realizing, when a person sweats, whatever they have eaten, the odor come out of their pores.

There are cultures out there, even though it is the year 2019, they do not believe in hitting the rain-room more than a couple times of the year, if that. In essence, they have become so used to their own odor, the are nose dead. Possibly the word cultures may be the wrong choice of words.

I have no doubt that the outraged dad has an ambulance chaser looking into the case already. Gotta be worth a few thousand. Possibly the outraged dad will break down and buy a case of Dial soap and some underarm spray.

If the outraged dad wants to experience how bad he smells, he should take the family for an outing to a cattle pen for a week-end stay.


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