SOOO; you want to be a socialist?? FOOL!!!

How socialism turned Venezuela from the wealthiest country in South America into an economic basket case

Venezuela was once the wealthiest country in South America, but in recent years millions have fled the country amid mass starvation and violence after socialist policies were enacted and government seized private industries.

Now, as Venezuelans struggle against the country’s current dictator, some Venezuelan exiles in the U.S. are desperately warning Americans to avoid going down a similar path.

Ladies & Gents; this is the fate you want for yourself, your kids and grand-kids? TSOF and their radical comrades are gaining strength and need to be put out of business.

Listen to people that have LIVED IT and then have an opinion: Socialism not only takes away from people the access to basic food and medicines, but also creates an environment in which life is worth nothing,” Giannina Raffo, who fled Venezuela in 2016 but who still works with activist organizations there, told Fox News.

If you are one of the fools that is being sucked into this way of life by TSOF, you are more ignorant than I thought. These people are out to take over, control the USA and bring it to it’s knees by any means necessary. They are getting a very good start by voting their people into influential political positions.

Their movement started long before 2008 when a guy with a Muslim name came on the scene, one no-one ever heard of him before, and he SILVER-TONGED his way into the presidency.

Now he has many of the same breed of people following in his foot steps. I will stand by my opinion, much of what we see is a very well organized conspiracy. Their numbers and supporters are growing by leaps and bound everyday. The followers of the hustlers are the fools that WANT IT All FOR NOTHING.

These three pieces of work above are just the tip of the ice-pick that are bull-shitting the WANT IT FOR NOTHINGS to follow them over the cliff. It is no secret just how stupid sheep are and will do ANYTHING their leader does.


One at a time – little by little, almost going unnoticed, they are filling the halls and the seats of politics. They are very dangerous people that are on a mission of destruction.

They are like the Greeks and the Trojan Horse. They are offering the fools the moon, BUTT like the wooden horse, what they have inside is their house is out to destroy us.


Beware of Greeks bearing gifts and fools that can not come across with the goods. Cortez-Ortez’s answer to, where they will get the funding for their preposterous proposals is; this is all new, we will figure it out.  

My rebuttal to her half-ass answer is; GMAFB

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